Lambda & 100 Days of Code

Hello! So, first an update from my previous post – I finally decided on Lambda School’sFull Stack Web Development program. 🙂 A little over a week ago, I received my acceptance letter to begin the full-time program starting April 22nd.

The admissions process contained several parts and (for me) took around 2 weeks:

  1. An interview: I had a 10 minute phone call with Lambda where they ask you questions about prior coding experience, educational background, and career goals. They also wanted to know why they should invest in you.
  2. Web Development Pre-course: A 30 hour crash course on HTML, CSS, and Javascript to prepare you for the coding challenge.
  3. Coding Challenge: A 3 question test having you modify functions to return specific output.
Lambda’s Web Development Pre-Course
Lambda’s Coding Challenge

The Full Stack Web Development program is 9 months long and teaches in-depth industry knowledge in:

  • Web Application Development
  • Back-end development
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Networking and Computer Architecture

The full syllabus & curriculum can be found here:

I’ve also started 100 days of code and currently on day 7. Since school doesn’t start until Monday, I’ve started going through freecodecamp’s curriculum each day to stay on top of my knowledge.

100 Days of Code Spreadsheet (documentation) Curriculum

Even with already having knowledge of HTML & CSS, I’m enjoying the experience of starting over from scratch and learning new things in the process. Starting from the basics will certainly help later on in the more advanced topics.

I’ll be blogging a lot more often since school is about to be in session and plus this is what this blog is all about – my journey into becoming a software developer. 🙂

See you soon! 🙂

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