Why Are We in Such a Hurry?

What are we all in a hurry to do? Once we hurry & do one thing, then we’re in a hurry to do something else & something else. Does it ever end? What really is the hurry? Besides life or death situations, why have we even created lives and habits that are centered around a theme of hurrying?

Simple changes in habits can lead to a life of less “hurrying up” and more enjoying each moment. Before we know it, we’ll be hurrying to plan our own funerals. And did we ever even stop to think in our life of hurry that we’ve really just hurried up to reach the end of it all?

Life doesn’t have to become a race to get here and there. There is no saving time because time isn’t something you can get back anyway. Life doesn’t have to be a big schedule, a thing on our to-do list but something to be enjoyed…cherished.

Every hurried moment is still a valuable passing moment in our lives that we didn’t stop to take in and enjoy.

Instead of waking up angrily to the alarm clock and then hurrying to shower, brush our teeth, etc. – why don’t we really open our eyes, look out of the window to see that we’ve entered another beautiful day? Another chance to live, to contribute, to cross paths with new people. Another chance to see what we’re really capable of. Another chance to not take our health and strength for granted. The health and strength that even gives us the power to wake up, get in the shower, brush our teeth, and so on. Something that some people may not even be able to do.

Schedules are of course necessary to simply help us stay on task to get things done in the world, however it doesn’t mean we need to always be in a hurry, lose sight of ourselves, not have compassion for others because we’re in such a “big hurry” and forget to remember that all of this is temporary.

Many times, we tend to not be grateful for the goodness in our lives until it’s taken away from us. I often think about people who have lost their limbs or just anything that instantly causes a life change. It’s not until then that we stop and really understand what life is all about.

What if suddenly you couldn’t talk, walk, see, or hear? Most people wake up everyday, privileged with these things. We forget about things that seem simple yet are extremely powerful because these are the things that keep us going in the first place. Many times, we don’t stop and express gratitude.

Why can’t we stop and enjoy each day? Even in the midst of our daily tasks, life is still passing us by. You’ll never know what tomorrow will bring.

So, today – remember you’re here, in this moment. Count your blessings.

Try to slow down because it’s not a race.


  1. Greg

    Nice, I enjoyed your preservative on living in the moment. This line really touched me “There is no saving time because time isn’t something you can get back anyway.”

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