Silent Sundays, Part II

What do I do during my 24-hour “no technology” breaks?

I use that window of time to allow myself to pursue other things. Honestly, I stay home the entire day, sitting in natural light, letting my mind wander.

I read my Bible, I also read other books that align with my goals or things I want to learn. Sometimes, I don’t read at all.

I drink water & eat my favorite foods, in silence.

I write. For instance, I wrote this piece on one of my Silent Sundays.

I pray.

I reflect on my life – things I’ve accomplished. Things I want to accomplish.

I check in with myself – am I happy? Sad? Why?

I decide what’s next. For the week, for the month, for the year. I assess & make sure that my current actions are in alignment with that of my overall vision.

I think about the people in my life. Are they helping me or hurting me? Encouraging me or bringing me down? Am I helping them? Encouraging them? How can I make my relationships better and/or add more value to them?

I think about my strengths & weaknesses and how I can become better from this day forward. (There’s always room for growth)

I become present and simply relish in the fact that I’m healthy & have everything I need to accomplish my goals.

The thing about silence is we can’t look at it as boring or meaningless. We shouldn’t view doing “nothing” as bad. There are so many things we can do besides being online all day or worrying about everything.

Happiness is a balance of a lot of different things, not just the external. We must take time to examine our internal world as well. To develop as a whole.

This is one way we can develop the perseverance to consistently better our life…by taking time to be still.

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