2020, Old Posts Archived + Winter Break Updates + New Portfolio Design

Hello, Readers! I’ve been on winter break from school & work so I’ve been able to get a lot done with my personal and professional sites. I have been able to have quiet time to really think and give everything in my network not only true direction but a fresh makeover.

List Of Updates:

This Blog

The old posts have been archived, so you will no longer see them here. I wanted to give this site more direction as far as content goes, which will be mostly tech and code talk. I will definitely be posting way more than I was before.

Web Development Portfolio

I purchased a brand new domain – Jashele.dev for my portfolio. The URL is shorter and easier to remember. My old domain was jasheletillman.me. It might be able to serve some other purpose in the future.

Months ago, I was inspired by Jem Turner to do something like this with my old domain. Especially for networking purposes, when you have a multitude of places that make up your online presence, I think a central location is a neat way to showcase that.

A .me domain also felt like more of a personal touch to a personal site. I like .dev better as a ‘dev’ portfolio.

[Edit:] I went ahead and made jasheletillman.me into a personal site!

YouTube Channel

I renamed my channel from Open Dialogue to JasheleTechTV. Being that the channel’s direction was going to be a mix of content, Open Dialogue made sense at first. However, after much consideration, I want it to be strictly tech/code talk since that is a major part of my life + I have a lot I want to share. Very exciting!

So, those are pretty much my major updates. When you manage a network of different things, it’s important to stay organized and purposeful with also having a clear direction for each one.

I’m fortunate to have had this break to get everything organized (with still days left to spare!). I feel like this has helped launch me into 2020 with a digital peace of mind!

I think that you have to be willing to just go for things and learn as you go – decide what works for you & what doesn’t. I learned to be okay with figuring it out as time goes on. I will continue to improve each day!

Happy 2020!

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