I Designed a New Resume & Cover Letter

I decided to focus on a career task for a portion of my day – my resume. When I started my web development career journey early last year, I was using tools such as Creddle and Zety, both great tools. However, I did find both a little bit limiting when dealing with structuring my resume exactly how I wanted it to look.

They worked for me for a while but today, I decided to open up Google Docs. I first simply typed my first and last name in large letters and then allowed my creativity to take over and see where it went. (I actually love starting from a blank canvas.)

I drew most of my inspiration from both Creddle, Zety as well as resumes I’ve seen over the pasts months on LinkedIn and various other places where people post their resumes. So, a culmination of all of this was already embedded in my subconscious…somewhere.

A small preview of my completed resume and cover letter, ready for lift off!

I really do like the result of it. The shade of blue is particularly my favorite. I think it’s a balance of creativity while still maintaining professionalism which is what I want to give off to employers.

This is why my portfolio’s slogan is:

“A healthy balance of creativity & logic.” 😉

Resumes are always a work in progress but I’ll likely be using this self-made template for a while …unless I design something I like better, of course.

I also think that in whatever ways you can showcase your creativity (or skills in general) in this field, that you should. There are so many creative outlets and ways to showcase your creative side.

I’m pretty passionate about the Front End Development side of things and design is one of my favorite parts.

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